Mission Complete

The purpose of the Psychical Research Society has always been in our Mission Statement- "These purposes shall include programs and activities to investigate, study, research, demonstrate, discuss, interpret, and expand information concerning psychic phenomena, parapsychology, and related subjects, and to disseminate information by any and all media of communication. The aforesaid purposes and activities shall be on a non-profit basis." PRS has created a powerful legacy since its inception - innumerable professional psychics both in the past or currently serving the public have gotten their start at these fairs. For years, PRS distinguished itself as a leader in educating the public about the many faceted world of metaphysics. PRS has completed its mission. The Board of Directors has determined that this will be the last psychic fair by this organization and agreed that the Psychical Research Society will be dissolved at the end of this year. We are eternally grateful for all the support PRS has received throughout the years both in membership and in attendance at the fairs. Without your support our success could not have been possible. We wish the very best for everyone involved in PRS and for every patron of the fairs.

Dennis "Doc" Cromwell
PRS President